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Show 15 – November 13th 2012 – 21:00-22:00

November 12, 2012


Deftones – “Tempest” (Koi No Yokan)

Earthbound Ghost – “Blood Red Fountain” (For Demonstration & Disposal)
Falter – “Triceratops Rex” (Forthcoming EP)

Your New Favourite Band
Elohymn – “StrongZombie” (Hearing Songs Through Music)

Hundred Reasons – “Stalemate” (Quick The Word, Sharp The Action [Re-Issue])
Alexisonfire – “.44 Caliber Love Letter” (Alexisonfire)

Pick of the Month
We Are Young Boys – “Old Street” (Life)

From Embers – “I’ve Never Been Better” (From Embers EP)
Ill Niño – “La Epidemia” (Epidemia)

Local Band of the Month
The Jackpot Golden Boys – “Flux” (Flux & Ocean)

Architects – “Unbeliever” (Daybreaker)


A jam-packed show packed tightly into an hour-long format. A fun mix of tracks this month – plenty of new tracks mixed with a couple of classics.

Our Local Band of the Month were sickly-sweet pop-punk pioneers, The Jackpot Golden Boys, and we chatted with frontman, Alex for a while. The band are currently holed-up recorded some new jams, but they are putting the finishing touches to their music video for “Flux”, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, you can download their songs from their BANDCAMP page and check out this music video for one of their older songs – “Paperboy”.

Your New Favourite Band meanwhile, were Elohymn – a 3-piece instrumental band from the Manchester/Chorley/Preston area. Although they’ve been around a few years, this year’s “Hearing Songs Through Music” is a real step-up. Listen and download the EP through their BANDCAMP page. Also, check out the video for the track, “Stranded”, below.

For a second month in a row, I had to give my Pick of the Month title to We Are Lost Boys. The boys just put out their new EP, “Life” – out for digital download now – and also released their music video for the new single, “Old Street”. Check them out on FACEBOOK and watch the new video below!

We said our own personal farewell to Hundred Reasons and Alexisonfire, who will be their final UK shows in the next month. If you have a ticket to any of those shows, you are a very lucky person and I am most-definitely jealous!

From Embers will be back at Ships & Giggles in Preston on Saturday 24th November, headlining another great night of live metal music for the benefit of the Alzheimer’s Society. Check out the line-up below, and note that 10% of the bar-take goes to charity! Please watch out for their new single which is due for release in the coming weeks!

Charity Show @ Ships & Giggles!

Also, check out their video for “Crash & Burn” which has been doing the rounds on Kerrang! TV we have been told!

Another show that you should be attending will be the return of Falter to Preston in December! The Blackburn 4-piece come to play Rampage at Roper Hall on Friday December 9th with Driven Overboard and Digits, and will also be rocking the Mad Ferret on Saturday December 15th in support of Dragstrip Junkies and T.R.I.P. The band will be releasing their new EP shortly too, and you can download “Triceratops Rex” for free if you care to have a gander through their BANDCAMP page. I think you’ll agree it to be a thumper of a track.

Earthbound Ghost have put out their first release, a 6-track EP – “For Demonstration & Disposal”, which is available now through reputable digital-download websites. A big thanks to the band who have been really supportive of the show, and were so kind to send me a copy of the EP. Check it out – it’s well worth your time and money. Can’t wait to hear what else they’re going to come out with in the future!

Other bands with new music this month were Deftones and Ill Niño. The former’s “Koi No Yokan” and the latter’s “Epidemia” albums are both worth a listen. Check out the new Ill Niño video below for “La Epidemia”. It features Frankie from Emmure on guest vocals.

That’s about it for now. I’ll be back on December 11th – 9pm. Just time to tell you about my sideways-step into radio comedy later this month. I will be featuring as a guest on Preston FM’s Wit’s End comedy panel show on Monday November 26th at 7pm. Am I going to be funny?! Only time (and reaction) will tell! Remember, to tune in to Preston FM locally on 103.2FM or online at – also check out the Wit’s End FACEBOOK and MIXCLOUD for more information on the show and to listen to past shows!

Until next time…


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