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Epic Hour Of Awesomeness – November 27th 2012 – 21:00-22:00

December 1, 2012


Taking Back Sunday – “Everything Must Go” (New Again)
Deftones – “Minerva” (Deftones)

Failsafe – “Cut To The Chase” (What We Are Today)

Thrice – “For Miles” (Vheissu)
Reuben – “A Short History Of Nearly Everything” (In Nothing We Trust)

Say Anything – “Admit It!!!” (Is A Real Boy)
Scream! Shout! Say Nothing – “Gimme Inner Peace Or I’ll Mop The Floor With Ya” (The Animals Still Run This City)

Saosin – “I Can Tell There Was An Accident Here Earlier” (Music on the Brain: Volume 3 [Compilation])

Devil Sold His Soul – “Hope” (A Fragile Hope)


A one-off special of excellently EPIC music this week.

I’m personally most impressed of the unintentional segue between Say Anything and Scream! Shout! Say Nothing

Anyway, here are a few videos of interest from the bands featured in today’s show!

That’s all for now. We’re back in 2 weeks on December 11th – same time, live on Preston FM.

Until next time…


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