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Show 56 – September 16th 2014 – 19:00-20:00

September 20, 2014


Atreyu – “So Others May Live” (Forthcoming Album)

Long Song/Short Song
The Contortionist – “Primordial Sound” (Language)
Hundred Reasons – “Shine” (Ideas Above Our Station)

Climates – “Leaves of Legacy” (Body Clocks)

Capture The Crown – “Make War Not Love” (Reign of Terror)
Obey The Brave – “Raise Your Voice” (Salvation)

Finch – “Anywhere But Here” (Back To Oblivion)

Sick Of It All – “Road Less Traveled” (Last Act Of Defiance)

The Best Song Never Heard
Hate Becomes The Hero – “The Becoming” (Hate Becomes The Hero)

The One Hundred – “Unleashed” (Subculture)

Empty Yard Experiment – “Greenflash” (Kallisti)


Just wall-to-wall bangers this week – plus, Preston FM’s Geek Overlord, Millie Lavelle, joined us for a bit. Always love a bit of collaboration!

I picked out a track from long-defunct Scottish musicians, Hate Becomes The Hero in our Best Song Never Heard spot. The Ayr-based 6-piece recorded a 7-track mini-album back in 2006, and although its release proved to be limited before the band’s demise, most of the tracks made it onto their MYSPACE page, and there’s some poor quality versions on LAST.FM. Check out the tracks – they’re well worth it.

Hate Becomes The Hero - Promo shot

Atreyu are back after a 5-year absence, and “So Others May Live” is the first new material coming from their upcoming 6th studio album, and the band are giving it away for free from their official WEBSITE. Go get it now!

Long Live Atreyu!

“Language” is the new album from The Contortionist, and is an interesting change of direction for the band previously known for being pioneers of a “deathcore” sound. With a much more progressive and melodic outlook, “Language” certainly pushes the band to another level, and the record is fast becoming one of this years’ best for my money. Remember they’re coming over to the UK & Europe in November and December in support of Protest The Hero!

Protest The Hero European Tour 2014

Snuck a bit of Hundred Reasons into the Long Song/Short Song feature… there’ll be of this nonsense in our “10 Years Younger” special on September 30th (this sucker is 12 years old!)!

I’ll probably be rocking some old-school Finch on the next show too, which coincidentally falls in the release week of their long-awaited 3rd studio album, “Back To Oblivion”. “Anywhere But Here” and “Two Guns To The Temple” are available now digitally ahead of September 29th (UK – 30th in US).

Finch promo shot

What are you thinking about Climates then? Their debut 10-track record, “Body Clocks” is released through Small Town Records and Artery Recordings on October 13th (14th in the US). They’re touring like crazy people right now with some great bands through the UK and Europe. Here are their current dates:

Climates UK Tour Dates 2014

And here’s the video for “Leaves of Legacy”:

Another great band with their sophomore record out now through Artery Recordings are Capture The Crown. “Reign of Terror” is out now and the band are on tour throughout the US in October. They some angry guys – as backed up by the lyric video to album track, “I Hate You”…

Obey The Brave are more positive. “Raise Your Voice” is an anthem-and-a-half, and the boys are throwing some melody about too! “Salvation” is out now through Epitaph, and the band are over in the UK as part of the Impericon Never Say Die Tour, which arrives at the start of November with some very cool bands…

Impericon Never Say Die Tour 2014

And check out the video for “Raise Your Voice” too – it’s wicked.

Sick Of It All are set to release album number 11 in the 29th year of their existence as a band. “Last Act of Defiance” is out September 29th through Century Media and “Road Less Traveled” sounds like a band with the energy of a group of twenty-somethings. Long may they continue!

Sick Of It All - Last Act of Defiance

The One Hundred have been celebrating some cracking reviews since the release of their “Subculture” EP, which is out now on UNFD. The band will be on tour in November/December with Hacktivist and Dead Harts as part of the Download Freezes Over tour. Make sure to check them out when they come to Preston on November 19th!

Hacktivist - Download Freezes Over Tour 2014

And we had just enough time to squeeze in a track from multi-national post-prog outfit, Empty Yard Experiment, who release their latest album, “Kallisti” internationally, at the end of September. That being said, you can already get the album digitally through the group’s BANDCAMP, so… go check it out! They’re due over in the UK in December on tour, so keep your eyes open for the dates, which are due to be announced shortly.

That’s all for now. Until next time…


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