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Ten Years Younger Hour – September 30th 2014 – 19:00-20:00

September 28, 2014


Reuben – “Freddy Kreuger” (Racecar is Racecar Backwards)
Funeral For A Friend – “Escape Artists Never Die” (Casually Dressed & Deep In Conversation)

Avenged Sevenfold – “Unholy Confessions” (Waking the Fallen)

Taking Back Sunday – “Set Phasers To Stun” (Where You Want To Be)
Rise Against – “Black Masks & Gasoline” (Revolutions Per Minute)

Underoath – “Reinventing Your Exit” (They’re Only Chasing Safety)

65daysofstatic – “Retreat! Retreat!” (The Fall of Math)
Story of the Year – “And The Hero Will Drown” (Page Avenue)

Enter Shikari – “Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour (Demo)” (Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour [Demo])

Atreyu – “The Crimson” (The Curse)
Alexisonfire – “Get Fighted” (Watch Out!)

Finch – “What It Is To Burn” (What It Is To Burn)


Sending it all the way back to 2004 (and slightly further in some cases)! Where has the last decade gone?!?!

Reuben were first up – one of my personal favourites, put out debut album, “Racecar is Racecar Backwards” (it is – go on, check!) in 2004 through Xtra Mile Recordings (though in actuality it took me until 2007 to fully appreciate their wizardry). The band went their separate ways in 2008, spawning Freeze the Atlantic, FutureAges, and eventually Jamie Lenman’s solo career last year. Xtra Mile are set to put out a Tenth Anniversary Deluxe Edition of the album on November 3rd, which will feature a second CD with 21 extra tracks – demos, live recordings, sessions, etc. – featuring a different version of every track on the original release, plus a few more as a bonus. Pick it up from HERE, and check out the video below, which features a live session version of “No One Wins The War”.

RIRB - Re-Issue artwork

Funeral For A Friend, with a 7th full-length due out in January, put out their first album, “Casually Dressed & Deep In Conversation”, back in 2003, and while the band have played a couple of front-to-back shows for that album, the band haven’t outlined any plans to re-release the record. “Escape Artists Never Die” remains one of the group’s main calling cards in live performance. Here’s a clip from their 2004 DVD release to remind you…

We’ve already mentioned it a few weeks ago, but Avenged Sevenfold re-released their seminal 2003 album, “Waking The Fallen” recently, in celebration of its belated 10th anniversary. As part of this, the band put out the originally-scrapped music video for “Unholy Confessions”. I don’t think it’s that bad…

Taking Back Sunday put out an acoustic release in 2013 – “TAYF10” – a live recording of the band playing debut 2002 album, “Tell All Your Friends” from front-to-back at the Starland Ballroom in New Jersey – but in 2004 they released their sophomore album, “Where You Want To Be”, and the band never looked back. There’s no plans for them celebrating the anniversary of that album – mainly as John Noland and Shaun Cooper had left the band at this stage, only to return on 2011’s self-titled release. “Set Phasers To Stun” was the third and final single release from the album.

It took until their third album to gain a more universal appeal, but for many fans, the second Rise Against album, “Revolutions Per Minute”, released in 2003, remains the best of the band’s career. Opening track, “Black Masks & Gasoline” gets the nod from me, and has remained one of their live favourites over the years. Here’s a cool live video of the track taken way back from the “Revolutions Per Minute” release show back on April 18th 2003…

Underoath disbanded at the start of 2013 after 7 studio albums and 16 years as a band. Since, Spencer Chamberlain has gone on to form and release an album with new band Sleepwave, which has been well-received. I seem to remember live performances of this track by the band were pretty rare for some reason – but the video was awesome and brought a lot of attention to the Florida 6-piece and their 2004 album, “They’re Only Chasing Safety”. Here’s the video:

2004 also saw the debut release from Sheffield instrumentalists 65daysofstatic. “The Fall of Math” – extremely well celebrated in the post-rock community, is to be performed once more in its entirety, at Manchester Cathedral on October 29th. The band will play two sets – one of the album in full, and another including tracks from their other albums. Get your hands on tickets now! The band also re-released “The Fall of Math” with a few additional tracks from their other work around the time, both on heavy-duty vinyl and on CD too. You can pick that up HERE should you wish. As much as anything, this gives me a reason to show you one of my favourite music videos, for “Retreat! Retreat!”…

Story of the Year are still alive! That’s the news, although bassist Adam Russell had recently left the band. The remaining four members are currently holed-up writing album number 5. After regrouping in 2013 the band released “Page Avenue: 10 Years and Counting”, which featured re-recorded acoustic-like versions of ten of the album’s original tracks. Still, there’s nothing quite like seeing SOTY ripping it up live. One of the best live bands I’ve had the pleasure of watching. Sooooo much energy! Here’s a clip from their live DVD from 2005.

I threw you a curve-ball with some Enter Shikari, who really started to get noticed in 2004 after a couple of successful demos circulated the UK. “Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour” became a fast favourite of early Shikari fans, and the band’s first music video was actually for the demo version of the track. Check it out…

A big-hitter in 2004 was “The Curse”. The second album from Orange County’s Atreyu sold a hell of a lot of copies and picked them up a lot of fans, myself included. The band recently regrouped and are working on a sixth studio album as we speak. “The Crimson” is a personally favourite of mine, and a change from hearing “Right Side of the Bed” again, eh?

Alexisonfire may have disintegrated a couple of years ago now, but their legacy lives on. 2004’s “Watch Out!” featured some cool concepts and a sideways step in a change of direction. “Get Fighted”, although not a single, was certainly one of the most-quoted tracks on social media in the mid-noughties. My greatest gift to you is a dancefloor free of insecurity… here’s a cool live video from the Australian leg of the band’s farewell tour in December 2012.

And of course, Finch have been touring a 10 year anniversary “What It Is To Burn” tour, which stretched from 2012 into the beginning of 2014! So I think I had license to play a track – especially as “What It Is To Burn X” – a live CD/DVD – was released earlier this year. In fact, let’s show you the video of that set-closer from the DVD itself, to further justify its inclusion!

That’s all for now. Until next time…


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