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Show 57 – October 14th 2014 – 19:00-20:00

October 18, 2014


You Slut! – “Pie to the Death-Faced Indie Kid” (Critical Meat)

Wax Futures – “Laser Eye Surgery” (A History of Things to Come)
Finch – “Back To Oblivion” (Back To Oblivion)

Your New Favourite Band
Of Allies – “In Screens” (Tempers)

Servers – “Bodies in the Ground” (Claustrophobia – EP)

Pick of the Month
Cavorts – “Got Your Brass” (Got Your Brass)

Empress AD – “Invisible Conductor (Radio Edit)” (Still Life Moving Fast)
Heart in Hand – “Poison Pen Letters” (A Beautiful White)

Local Band of the Month
Egos At The Door – “Salad” (Egos At The Door)
Egos At The Door – “Who’s Got £2 For Barry?” (Who’s Got £2 For Barry?)

Boddickers – “Circadian (Radio Edit)” (Circadian)


Three bands call it a day in a 3-week period – dark times? Well, maybe not that dark, as these bands are complimented on this show’s playlist by a handful of bands with the world at their feet!

I normally talk about our Local Band of the Month first, and I won’t divert from that today. Unfortunately though, I wasn’t able to speak to Egos At The Door as they had split up 12 days prior to the show – in fairly acrimonious fashion too by the sound of it (see Facebook). Ignore this though and the music behind the madness was pretty crazy too – crazy awesome! See BANDCAMP for a selection of their output. You’ll have to look HERE for their Lockjaw Records full-length, however. This band had just about more bad luck than any band on the road and at home, so hopefully whatever new projects emerge from the ashes of the band will ride the crest of a wave of good karma. Here’s a video of the band doing what they did.

Your New Favourite Band were Of Allies – part of a sea of Yorkshire-based bands that invaded this playlist (coincidentally)! Their self-released EP, “Tempers” is out now. Go to their FACEBOOK page to get that, or go to their OFFICIAL WEBSITE to get a free track in exchange for joining their mailing list. Check out the video for “In Screens” below.

My Pick of the Month was a last minute addition to the playlist, with Cavorts sending me their belting new single, “Got Your Brass”, from the forthcoming album of the same name. It’s up for pre-order now at the OFFICIAL WEBSITE of In At The Deep End Records, who are to drop the record on October 27th. Plenty of balls on this 4-piece from Barnsley. Check out the video below.

Servers complete the Yorkshire connection in this show. Also from Barnsley, the 3-piece rockers put out an EP for current single, “Claustrophobia” last month (available now through iTunes), and as well as a sweet remix of their first single (the awesome “Universes and Supernovas”) and a fantastic cover of the 1999 Top 10 hit by Madness – “Lovestruck” – the band included a brand new track – the cult killers-inspired track, “Bodies in the Ground”. Check out the lyric video below.

So it’s been a month of bands splitting up, and added to Egos At The Door were Manchester hard-rockers, Boddickers. They played what could well be their last show in Bolton last Sunday – unfortunately I couldn’t attend, but they always brought their huge wall-of-sound wherever they went and I shall miss the music of one of the bands I tipped for success in 2013. Here’s the video for “Circadian”. Try and keep the tissues at bay!

And the third to the list of departing bands were East-Midlands post-rock slackers, You Slut!, who called time after ten years and two full-length records. Never the most serious of bands, but nonetheless entertaining and wacky, I’m a wee bit disappointed I never had the chance to see them play live. You can still check out a selection of their material on BANDCAMP. I recommend you give it a go.

Speaking about slackers (and they do describe themselves as “slacker post-hardcore”), please familiarise yourself with Wax Futures. Also hailing from the midlands, this 3-piece calls to mind At The Drive-In and Million Dead. Their EP, “A History of Things To Come” is out now and you can pick it up from BANDCAMP. Check the band out slacking off in the video below.

First time play for Empress
on tonight’s show. About time too! They’ve slipped under my radar up until recently, and support slots with Devil Sold His Soul and Turbowolf (as part of the Download Freezes Over tour) should make gig-goers more aware of what great music they’re cooking up near the capital. “Still Life Moving Fast” is the album out now through Roadrunner Records, and the band’s most recent video is for “Invisible Conductor”:

And finally, noughties emo/screamo pioneers, Finch released their long-awaited third full-length, “Back To Oblivion” at the end of September. Mixed reviews aside, they are back, and Nate Barcalow remains one of my favourite vocalists of all time. Check out the slightly-bizzare new video for “Anywhere But Here” below.

That’s all for now. Until next time…


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