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Show 58 – October 28th 2014 – 19:00-20:00

November 1, 2014


Radio Alcatraz – “The Industry Has Failed, Activate The Black Magic” (It’s All Coming Up Roses!)

Long Song/Short Song
Flood of Red – “Ye Die, Ye Die.” (Throw)
65daysofstatic – “Default This” (The Fall of Math)

Canvas – “Eulogy” (No Love, No Hope, No Future)

Slipknot – “The Devil In I” (.5: The Gray Chapter)
Devil Sold His Soul – “Unveiled” (Belong ╪ Betray)

Polyphia – “James Franco” (Muse)

Enter Shikari – “The Last Garrison” (The Mindsweep)
Linkin Park – “White Noise” (Free Download)

Chrysalis – “My Forsaken” (Focus On The Center)

The Best Song Never Heard
Thrice – “That Hideous Strength” (If We Could Only See Us Now)

Kerbdog – “Electricity” (Congregation)


I don’t think we’ve played that many songs on a regular show before – absolutely packed them in!

I decided to indulge in a Thrice B-Side for The Best Song Never Heard. It gets harder to select a track as some of the rarer gems in my collection are in poor digital quality. “That Hideous Strength” did not make the cut for their second studio album, “The Illusion of Safety”, instead appearing on the B-Sides/Rarities/Acoustic/Covers/DVD release, “If We Could Only See Us Now” in 2005. Possibly the band’s heaviest track, the title and lyrics are based around a book written by C.S. Lewis, for whom the band also based their 2004 track “The Abolition of Man”, based on a non-fiction book by the same author. Here’s a pretty ancient video of the track getting a live outing in 2001!

In one of the coolest tour combinations this year, Flood of Red are now set to appear as main support on the remainder of the current Maybeshewill tour of the UK & Europe (save the last date in Leicester). Check out their latest video, showcasing the band’s passionate live show to the title track of their latest album – “Throw”.

Kerbdog put out their first official release in 18 years last month with live album, “Congregation” also featuring the first Kerbdog studio recording for nearly two decades in “Electricity”. They’re out on a little tour in November taking in some of the UK’s big cities. Some pretty decent supports they have too, featuring Hawk Eyes, Jamie Lenman (London only) and Nine Black Alps (Manchester only) to name but three. Now let’s hope they get in the studio for a brand-new album soon! Here are the dates:

Kerbdog UK Tour November 2014

Enter Shikari have been away making a new album, and “The Mindsweep” drops January 19th 2015 through Ambush Reality/Play It Again Sam in the UK and through Hopeless Records in the US (20th). The first single, “The Last Garrison” is out now digitally, and it’s an absolute winner. Go check that out now (or just listen back to the show on MIXCLOUD – it’s on there!), and get yourself a ticket to their forthcoming tour whilst you still can!

Enter Shikari UK/European Tour Winter 2015

Back in the UK next month are Facebook’s most liked band – Linkin Park – although they’re only sticking around for 2 arena dates in Manchester and London. They are on tour throughout Europe in November though, with Of Mice And Men in tow, in support of their latest album, “The Hunting Party”. Decks man, Joe Hahn has recently unveiled his first directorial feature film, “Mall”, to a limited US release, and the band put together a track for the soundtrack. “White Noise” is probably the heaviest LP track for a good while, and the band were giving the track away for free until recently, so instead of that, here’s a look at the film featuring the track in its opening credits…

Another band now in the business of selling out arenas are Slipknot, and they’re taking on 9 UK dates in January on the Prepare For Hell tour. Bringing Korn out in support is a genius move, and the new album – “.5: The Gray Chapter” – is flying high in the UK album charts and pulling no punches. It’s a hell of a time when your mate tells you he heard “The Devil In I” on the radio that morning. This video might just be their best yet too…

Slipknot UK Tour 2015

Speaking of videos, here’s the latest from Chrysalis to come from their “Focus On The Center” album. One of the more interesting releases this year.

Looking like a boyband but sounding like the happiest band of virtuosos you’ve ever heard, Texas’ Polyphia are the pretty much the coolest cats about. If you’ve not heard of them, go check out their latest album, “Muse” on BANDCAMP. Damn, these guys can play – and they’re colour co-ordinated!

Yet more new videos – first the new one from Canvas, who deliver a brutal slice of misery to proceedings with “Eulogy”, from their debut full-length – “No Love, No Hope, No Future”, which is out now through Transcend Music and on BANDCAMP for your streaming pleasure. The boys from Bedfordshire have just wrapped up an European tour this month. Look out for them appearing all over in 2015. Make sure you check out the album – it’s a banger!

We had to keep a little Halloween in the theme of the show, albeit vague. I thought Devil Sold His Soul‘s new video for “Unveiled” was kinda spooky, so I’ll take that and run with it. The EP, “Belong ╪ Betray” (seriously, what’s with that “╪” symbol and where does one find it on a keyboard?!) is out November 17th through Basick Records and I am champing at the bit to hear the whole thing, which I’m sure will only fuel their fans’ desire for a new full-length as soon as possible! Here’s the video. Don’t be scared.

Radio Alcatraz finally revealed the release date for “It’s All Coming Up Roses!”. Their 2nd studio album will be out through Banquet Records on December 8th and features guest appearances by Jamie Lenman (Reuben), Justin Schlosberg (Hell Is For Heroes), Liam Cormier (Cancer Bats) and Justin Sane (Anti-Flag). I’ve been listening to it for a while, and it’s definitely worth picking up. Along with the release date information, the band put out a video to the album’s opening track – the flamboyantly titled, “The Industry Has Failed, Activate The Black Magic”!

And finally, the mighty 65daysofstatic played a one-off show at Manchester Cathedral the day after this show, playing two sets – one of their debut, “The Fall of Math” from start to finish, and the second mainly drawn from last year’s “Wild Light” album. To say it was inspiring would be an understatement. I can happily say I would go to see future gigs in cathedrals based off this experience. Hell of a building, great atmosphere, top sound and an amazing light show. The boys are off to Russia to do it a couple more times in 2015, and have also sorted out Australian tour dates. If they didn’t sell out though you might still be able to buy one of these nice commemorative prints – hey, you they might never play in a cathedral again!

65daysofstatic Manchester Cathedral gig poster

That’s all for now. Until next time…


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