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Show 59 – November 11th 2014 – 19:00-20:00

November 19, 2014


Cancer Bats – “Satellites” (Searching For Zero)

Pulled Apart By Horses – “Medium Rare” (Blood)
Freeze the Atlantic – “Welcome Back To Nibelheim” (Freeze the Atlantic)

Your New Favourite Band
Black Map – “I’m Just The Driver” (…And We Explode)

Heart in Hand – “A Beautiful White” (A Beautiful White)

Pick of the Month
Enter Shikari – “The Last Garrison” (The Mindsweep)

Empress AD – “Deeper in Disguise” (Still Life Moving Fast)
Cale Lane – “Turns On A Sixpence” (Morning Light)

Local Band of the Month
Sweet Deals On Surgery – “Rohypnol’d At A Family Do” (Total Reek Hole)

Krokodil – “Reptilia Familiar” (Nachash)

Reuben – “Dusk” (Racecar is Racecar Backwards)


A great hour was had – a good mix of new, still-kinda-new and one from 2004 to even things up a bit – but what did we learn this week???

We learned that Rob from Sweet Deals On Surgery sometimes regrets naming songs after cheap puns and in-jokes – the guitarist of the 3-piece spazzcore outfit joined us for a chat as our Local Band of the Month. “Total Reek Hole” is the pun title of their first release – a 4-track EP finding joy in songs with names like “Desk From The Waist Down” and “Elvis Costello is a Wanker”. Puns and in-jokes they may be, but the self-recordings exhibit a raw but quickly developing sound which will serve them well fitting amongst the growing punk/indie scene. Pick up the EP for whatever price you want to pay at BANDCAMP and look out for their live show. Though a relatively young band, they’re booking gigs left, right and centre. Here’s a little video from their recent appearance in Preston.

Black Map are a bit of a “super-group”, you might say, although that term gets bandied about so much these days it’s lost most of its meaning. Ex and current members of Far, Dredg and The Trophy Fire comprise this San Francisco trio, and they are Your New Favourite Band. Having done a whistle-stop tour of the UK & mainland Europe in support of Chicago alt-rockers, Chevelle, the band have now released their debut full-length, “…And We Explode” through Minus Head Records. You can find and stream/purchase the album through BANDCAMP – well worth a listen if you’re in the mood to rock out, and makes excellent driving music – ironic considering the video for the song below…

Enter Shikari for another spin this show for their latest single, “The Last Garrison”, which is my Pick of the Month a lot of their upcoming tour dates through the UK and Europe are near-to or already sold-out, so get online quick to see them on this run as new album, “The Mindsweep” drops in January. Here’s the new video:

It’s time for Cancer Bats to emerge from the shadows once again – March 2015 is the slated date for album number five, “Searching For Zero” – and “Satellites” is the lead track to come from the record, recorded with Ross Robinson (Glassjaw) this summer. Plenty has been said of Robinson’s talent for getting the best out of bands, so we should be in for an album of emotionally charged and executed songs. Here’s the first video to come from it.

A few singles to update you on – firstly from Pulled Apart By Horses, who have “Medium Rare” out now. One of the better tracks from their “Blood” album, the single/EP comes with 3 tracks on the ‘B-Side’. Here’s the weirdly wonderful video for the lead track.

Freeze the Atlantic also have a single out digitally (are there any physical singles any more???) – “Welcome Back To Nibelheim” is also the opening track from their self-titled effort which came out earlier this year on Alco-Pop Records. Two B-Sides on this one, including new track, “Go Faster Stripes”, and you can get hold of it now from the usual sources. In the meantime the band are already working on album three sans bassist Sean Shreeve, who has departed to work on his own project – AltEscape – expect the band to name a new bassist in the coming weeks. Here’s a little video of the band in Preston a few months ago.

And a brand new video – the first from Wigan’s Cale Lane – was released recently for “Turns On A Sixpence”. It comes from their “Morning Light” EP, which they put out a few months ago, and is still available through their BANDCAMP page. Check it out – a rough-and-ready band who put on an engaging live show. Here’s the video:

Heart in Hand released new album, “A Beautiful White” at the start of the month through Century Media/S.O.A.R. The title track is the first music video to promote the album, and it’s an infectious track that is bound to find its way into popular rotation soon enough. Check it out now.

Krokodil put out debut album, “Nachash” through Spinefarm Records this week. The 6-piece – a bit of a supergroup, though this term is becoming vastly overused – go out in support of Mastodon in the UK this month, and their intimidating brand of metal should go over appreciatively on those dates. Check out this video for lead track “Sun Riders”, which features Biffy Clyro frontman Simon Neil on guest vocals.

Empress AD go on a brief northern tour at the end of November. If you can, get to one of these dates and see one of the UK’s hottest young bands before the year is out.

And if you miss them headlining they’re off in support of Turbowolf too thereafter into December.

And we finished off with “Dusk” by Reuben, who released the 10-Year Anniversary edition of “Racecar is Racecar Backwards” on November 3rd through Xtra Mile Recordings. Included is a second disc with demo versions and rarities. To round off, here’s a video from 10 years ago of in-store show the band played around the time of the album’s original release.

That’s all for now. Until next time…


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