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Show 61 – December 8th 2014 – 23:00-00:00

December 15, 2014


Radio Alcatraz – “Exchanging Hunting Tips With The Devil (feat. Jamie Lenman)” (It’s All Coming Up Roses!)

Mastodon – “The Motherload” (Once More ‘Round The Sun)
Oxygen Thief – “Co(Extra)Ordinates” (The Half-Life of Facts)

Enter Shikari – “Never Let Go of the Microscope” (The Mindsweep)

Interview with The One Hundred

The One Hundred – “Unleashed” (Subculture)

Pick of the Month
Digits – “Embers” (Digital Download Single)

Servers – “Universes & Supernovas (The Ride)” (Leave With Us)
Buried in Verona – “Illuminate” (Faceless)

Local Band of the Year
All Consumed – “Enraging” (All Consumed)

Funeral For A Friend – “1%” (Chapter and Verse)


First show in our new slot – Mondays fortnightly at 11pm on Preston FM. As we’re nearing the end of the year, I’ve mixed a few of the year’s best tracks into our normal glut of new music from the alternative scene.

Plus, we had an interview with The One Hundred too! Tim and Phil from the band sat down and chatted tour-life, musicianship and their amazing year, which ended with a huge UK tour opening for djent/grime scene kings, Hacktivist. The band have been announced for next year’s Takedown Festival at Southampton University in March. They had a cracking lineup last year. Check out the band’s they’ve announced so far!

Takedown Festival 2015 poster

All Consumed have had a good year. In the summer they won the Preston Metal 2 The Masses competition and thus performed at Bloodstock Festival. An absolutely solid live act, 2015 should see the 4-piece release an album, and then who knows what next… For 2014, they are our Local Band of the Year! Check out this little interview they did for Get Your Rock Out at Bloodstock!

Our Pick of the Monthcame from North-East alt-rockers, Digits, who unleashed the first look at their upcoming EP, “Footprints & Embers”, with the single for “Embers” out now digitally. It’s been a trying year for the band, replacing a drummer mid-way through the year, but 2015 is set to see them release their new EP and get some touring in across the UK. Show them your love at one of the dates below and make sure to pick up their new release!

Digits Winter 2015 Tour poster

Enter Shikari release “The Mindsweep” next month, and the band keep teasing us with new tracks, including “Never Let Go of the Microscope”. Tickets for their winter tour through Europe and the UK are fast selling-out, as are the album’s pre-order bundles, available through their OFFICIAL WEBSITE. If you’re like me and you’d rather wait and hear the album in full, don’t watch the video below – but if you can’t help yourself, enjoy a little sneak preview of the new album – “The Mindsneak”, if you will…

Funeral For A Friend are also due back on the road in January, with the band’s new album, “Chapter and Verse” due out in the UK on the same day as Shikari’s new album! “1%” is the new single, which sees the boys turning back towards a more “Hours”-era sound, from the hardcore punk that inspired “Conduit”. The lads are off touring the UK first before gallivanting off through Europe. See below for the UK tour dates.

Funeral For A Friend UK Tour January 2015

The new Radio Alcatraz album saw release the day of this show, and “It’s All Coming Up Roses!” is definitely an album you need to hear. I’ve spoken plenty about the guest vocalists on the record, but all those aside, this band should be on the lips of the national music press a lot more in 2015 if there is any justice. If you’re still unconvinced, go to PUNKTASTIC, who still (at time of writing) have an embedded player streaming the album in its entirety. Watch out for tour dates in the New Year!

Oxygen Thief impressed this year with the debut full-band LP, “The Half-Life of Facts”, released on the awesome Xtra Mile Recordings. “Co(Extra)Ordinates” was one of my favourite tracks of this year, and the album ain’t half-bad either. If you’re somewhere close enough, the band are doing a few dates down south in February. Check ’em out.

Oxygen Thief UK Tour - February 2015

There’s been a lot of good music coming out of Australia in 2014. Buried in Verona were just one of a couple of handfuls of Aussie bands that made a lot of noise this year. “Faceless” is the album out now, and “Illuminate” is another one of my favourite singles from this year.

I’d been meaning to play a Mastodon for a while now, especially since I haven’t been able to get “The Motherload” out of my head since its release on “Once More ‘Round The Sun” this last Summer. Another of the year’s best tracks, albeit, in my humble opinion. Get twerkin’…

But my personal favourite this year (song-wise), technically came out in 2013… Servers released the album “Leave With Us” early this year on the resurrected Undergroove Records, and the first single, “Universes & Supernovas (The Ride)” makes me happy on many levels. I’ll leave you with the video to see why for yourself.

That’s all for now. Until next time…


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