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Show 56 – September 16th 2014 – 19:00-20:00


Atreyu – “So Others May Live” (Forthcoming Album)

Long Song/Short Song
The Contortionist – “Primordial Sound” (Language)
Hundred Reasons – “Shine” (Ideas Above Our Station)

Climates – “Leaves of Legacy” (Body Clocks)

Capture The Crown – “Make War Not Love” (Reign of Terror)
Obey The Brave – “Raise Your Voice” (Salvation)

Finch – “Anywhere But Here” (Back To Oblivion)

Sick Of It All – “Road Less Traveled” (Last Act Of Defiance)

The Best Song Never Heard
Hate Becomes The Hero – “The Becoming” (Hate Becomes The Hero)

The One Hundred – “Unleashed” (Subculture)

Empty Yard Experiment – “Greenflash” (Kallisti)


Just wall-to-wall bangers this week – plus, Preston FM’s Geek Overlord, Millie Lavelle, joined us for a bit. Always love a bit of collaboration!

I picked out a track from long-defunct Scottish musicians, Hate Becomes The Hero in our Best Song Never Heard spot. The Ayr-based 6-piece recorded a 7-track mini-album back in 2006, and although its release proved to be limited before the band’s demise, most of the tracks made it onto their MYSPACE page, and there’s some poor quality versions on LAST.FM. Check out the tracks – they’re well worth it.

Hate Becomes The Hero - Promo shot

Atreyu are back after a 5-year absence, and “So Others May Live” is the first new material coming from their upcoming 6th studio album, and the band are giving it away for free from their official WEBSITE. Go get it now!

Long Live Atreyu!

“Language” is the new album from The Contortionist, and is an interesting change of direction for the band previously known for being pioneers of a “deathcore” sound. With a much more progressive and melodic outlook, “Language” certainly pushes the band to another level, and the record is fast becoming one of this years’ best for my money. Remember they’re coming over to the UK & Europe in November and December in support of Protest The Hero!

Protest The Hero European Tour 2014

Snuck a bit of Hundred Reasons into the Long Song/Short Song feature… there’ll be of this nonsense in our “10 Years Younger” special on September 30th (this sucker is 12 years old!)!

I’ll probably be rocking some old-school Finch on the next show too, which coincidentally falls in the release week of their long-awaited 3rd studio album, “Back To Oblivion”. “Anywhere But Here” and “Two Guns To The Temple” are available now digitally ahead of September 29th (UK – 30th in US).

Finch promo shot

What are you thinking about Climates then? Their debut 10-track record, “Body Clocks” is released through Small Town Records and Artery Recordings on October 13th (14th in the US). They’re touring like crazy people right now with some great bands through the UK and Europe. Here are their current dates:

Climates UK Tour Dates 2014

And here’s the video for “Leaves of Legacy”:

Another great band with their sophomore record out now through Artery Recordings are Capture The Crown. “Reign of Terror” is out now and the band are on tour throughout the US in October. They some angry guys – as backed up by the lyric video to album track, “I Hate You”…

Obey The Brave are more positive. “Raise Your Voice” is an anthem-and-a-half, and the boys are throwing some melody about too! “Salvation” is out now through Epitaph, and the band are over in the UK as part of the Impericon Never Say Die Tour, which arrives at the start of November with some very cool bands…

Impericon Never Say Die Tour 2014

And check out the video for “Raise Your Voice” too – it’s wicked.

Sick Of It All are set to release album number 11 in the 29th year of their existence as a band. “Last Act of Defiance” is out September 29th through Century Media and “Road Less Traveled” sounds like a band with the energy of a group of twenty-somethings. Long may they continue!

Sick Of It All - Last Act of Defiance

The One Hundred have been celebrating some cracking reviews since the release of their “Subculture” EP, which is out now on UNFD. The band will be on tour in November/December with Hacktivist and Dead Harts as part of the Download Freezes Over tour. Make sure to check them out when they come to Preston on November 19th!

Hacktivist - Download Freezes Over Tour 2014

And we had just enough time to squeeze in a track from multi-national post-prog outfit, Empty Yard Experiment, who release their latest album, “Kallisti” internationally, at the end of September. That being said, you can already get the album digitally through the group’s BANDCAMP, so… go check it out! They’re due over in the UK in December on tour, so keep your eyes open for the dates, which are due to be announced shortly.

That’s all for now. Until next time…



Show 55 – September 2nd 2014 – 19:00-20:00


Fighting Bears – “This Air is All Gone” (N/A)

Cale Lane – “Embracer” (Morning Light)
Create To Inspire – “In Light” (Halfway Home)

Your New Favourite Band
Summon The Octopi – “Apricots Apricate (Alligators Alligate)” (Nonversations)

Maybeshewill – “Sanctuary” (Fair Youth)

Pick of the Month
Arms & The Man – “Welcome To Whore Island” (…Are Nothing But Animals)

Architects – “Colony Collapse” (Lost Forever // Lost Together)
Every Time I Die – “Decayin’ With The Boys” (From Parts Unknown)

Local Band of the Month
Dissonance – “Cold Hearts” (Valves)

Pulled Apart By Horses – “Hello Men” (Blood)


That was a fun playlist, flipping things around a bit with some local heroes at the top of the show for a change.

On that note, our Local Band of the Month were Dissonance, from the Preston area. Previously in existence as As We Began, the guys switched things about a bit and re-grouped in their current form at the back-end of 2013. Guitarist, Jack Shaw joined us for a chat about their journey so far, and their debut EP – “Valves”, which is out now and available through their BANDCAMP page. Look out for them hitting stages in Preston, Bolton and Liverpool in the upcoming months on some pretty big line-ups. Here’s a video for a song not on the EP – debut track, “I/DEALS”:

Your New Favourite Band were one-piece post-rock project, Summon The Octopi. Hailing from Berlin, Germany, Marc Vogler – the man behind the tentacles – releases the debut EP, “Nonversations” on November 17th through Sober Up Records. For now you can download “Apricots Apricate (Alligators Alligate)” for free HERE and check out the trippy video below.

I think I had to make Arms & The Man my Pick of the Month after the release of their ballsy new 3-track, “…Are Nothing But Animals” this week. You can pick it up from the Hitchin lads’ BANDCAMP page now, but check out the new video to “Welcome To Whore Island” below first – the girl in the second half is simply mesmerising!

Fighting Bears were guests on the show back in July after winning their Battle of the Bands heat at “Where’s Mavis?”. We played a track on this show as they were in the Final that night. Unfortunately, in part due to a shortened set because of technical difficulties, they didn’t win (congrats to Jekyll, who won first place). They recorded an awesome acoustic session for us, of which I have since uploaded this video of one of the tracks. Check it out (remember you can still download exclusive session tracks for free from our SESSIONS page).

We also featured a track from last years victors – Cale Lane, who returned to rock the foundations of Ships & Giggles once more on Finals night. The Wigan-based 6-piece are about to film their first music video, so make sure you pick up their EP, “Morning Light” in preparation. You get get it from BANDCAMP.

Create To Inspire were in Preston on Sunday at The Adelphi, and despite only a small crowd being in attendance, the Essex lads brought their “A” game. Their EP is out now for free (or whatever you’d like to pay) through BANDCAMP. Here’s a video of them smashing the place up to a new song of theirs.

Loads of big tour news this last week, but the biggest has to be the new Architects UK/European tour next Spring, taking out Every Time I Die, Blessthefall and Counterparts in support. Architects are currently promoting current single, “Colony Collapse” (released on September 29th), whilst ETID have not long put out their latest LP, “From Parts Unknown”. This tour is going to be massive. Get on board now. Check the dates.

Architects 2015 European/UK Tour

Pulled Apart By Horses put out their 3rd full-length, “Blood” this week, and seem to have taken their foot off the crazy bit for the majority of the album. Everything that made their frantic brand of alternative rock attractive has been toned down for record number three, possibly with the band thinking of the increasingly mainstream appearances they seem to be making these days (please see Main Stage at Leeds & Reading Festivals this year). “Hello Men” in particular reeks of tones reminiscent of The Cure and Dinosaur Jr, whereas the joyous non-sensical lyrics seem to have taken a back-seat in preference of actual songs. Nevertheless, there are still some decent tracks on there. This will doubtless be the album that breaks them into the mainstream field of modern rock music. Hopefully their beer hasn’t gone off…

Blood Beer

And July 25th saw the release of the 4th Maybeshewill record. “Fair Youth” is out now on Superball Music. The band are on tour now until the end of time (or at least December), so make sure you get down to a show. They’re certainly giving you EVERY opportunity!

Maybeshewill 2014 European/UK Tour
*An addition show at The Exchange, Bristol has since been added on December 11th.

That’s all for now. Until next time…


Show 54 – August 19th 2014 – 19:00-20:00


The Contortionist – “Language I: Intuition” (Language)

Long Song/Short Song
Red Fang – “Throw Up” (Murder the Mountains)
Möngöl Hörde – “WinkyFace: The Mark Of A Moron” (Möngöl Hörde)

Create To Inspire – “Halfway Home” (Halfway Home)

Silent Screams – “A New Normal” (Hope For Now)
The Karma Party – “Democracity” (Illumination)

Interview with Jed Saint – curator of Hey Preston! Festival

Blitz Kids – “Sometimes” (The Good Youth)

Failsafe – “Only If We Learn” (The Truth Is…)

The Best Song Never Heard
Confide – “Zeal” (Shout The Truth)

Finch – “Two Guns To The Temple” (Back To Oblivion)


That was a lot of fun! A good mix of spanking new and recent favourites!

I was joined on the show by Jed Saint from LowBlow Promotions, talking about a new all-day event happening at 53 Degrees, in Preston on Saturday 20th September. Hey Preston! is an indoor festival, featuring 8 bands of local and national notoriety. Just check out the lineup!

The Karma Party are one band appearing during the day, and – having unleashed their new EP, “Illumination”, to positive reviews in the national press – they will be there to rock the capacity with the likes of “Democracity” and current single, “World War” – a real anthem to take note of.

Blitz Kids too make a stop off at the show, prior to their UK tour at the end of September, so look out for a one-off set from these guys – ones to watch and massively on the rise at the moment.

And Failsafe are back – sort of – lured out of hiding to play Hey Preston! Festival too! Jed picked this track out from their 2nd album, “The Truth Is…”, and if it was me, I couldn’t do much worse than pick this track too. Kindred spirits! This is – I suppose (as Jed put it) – “The Inbetweeners Tune”!

The Best Song Never Heard came from American Christian-Metal crusaders, Confide. Religion-aside, these guys made some good noise before calling a day in 2011… that was until they decided to regroup and record a third album in 2013! Ross Kenyon, formerly of mid-2000s Leeds screamo outfit, Penknifelovelife, joined the band after moving to the States in 2006 and went on to front the band through 2 full-lengths (2008’s “Shout The Truth” (later re-released with extra tracks and instrumentation in 2009) and 2010’s “Recover”) before the band split in late 2010. “Zeal” was the first track aired from sessions recorded with Kenyon, and a planned music video never quite got finished – however a very nice music video was made to promote the original release of “Shout The Truth” through the ill-fated Science Records, for the equally awesome track, “If We Were A Sinking Ship”!

The Leeds and Reading Festivals are up this weekend, so I picked out a couple of the highlights – from the awesome chuggy heaviness of Red Fang and the rampant punk piledriving of Möngöl Hörde. These are my picks if you’re going – make sure you check them out. Here’s the new Fang video for “The Meadows”, and the “WinkyFace” video from the Hörde.

A first play on the show for Silent Screams following the release of their new album, “Hope For Now” last month. The new single is “A New Normal” and really sees the Coventry boys raising their own bar. Hopefully they’ll be out on tour again before the end of the year. Pick up the album now through Artery Recordings.

There’s FREE music on offer from Essex 5-piece, Create To Inspire, who released their long-awaited debut EP, “Halfway Home”, this very week. You can pay for a physical copy from DREAM ATLANTIC RECORDS or get the digital version for free (or whatever you’d like to give) from the label’s BANDCAMP. Check it out – these guys are exciting and ones to watch out for. Bonus – they’re in Preston this month at the tiny little room at The Adelphi! Check out the dates below. If you’re into your Architects or While She Sleeps, mixed with a bit of Comeback Kid energy, then you’ll love CTI.

Here’s the video – don’t you wish you were part of it?

I’ll admit that The Contortionist had rather passed me by until a couple of weeks ago. “Language” will be the Indianapolis 6-piece’s 3rd full-length offering, and it’s shaping up to be a monster of a record from what we’ve heard so far. You can get lead single, “Language I: Intuition” now when pre-ordering the album, which drops September 16th. The band are on tour in the UK and Europe for the first time this Autumn, in support of Protest The Hero. Check out the dates below.

And finally, the news that we had suspected but did not think was coming so soon – Finch are back! And they’re “Back To Oblivion” on September 29th (UK release date) through Razor & Tie Records. They’ve just been over to the UK for Hevy Fest and a small show in London, and are all set to tour the US from September til November. The first full-length for 9 years (discounting the self-titled 2008 EP), and with original drummer, Alex Pappas back on board, we have our first taste of what the future of Finch is going to sound like. Here’s a video of them playing an acoustic session at Banquet Records. Interesting set with a couple of new tracks played…

That’s all for now. Until next time…


Show 53 – August 5th 2014 – 19:00-20:00


Pulled Apart By Horses – “Lizard Baby” (Blood)

Visions – “Korma” (Free Download)
Every Time I Die – “Pelican Of The Desert” (From Parts Unknown)

Your New Favourite Band
The Day Will Come – “True Friends Stab You In The Front” (Life Before Our Eyes)

Baby Godzilla – “The Great Hardcore Swindle” (The Great Hardcore Swindle – Single)

Pick of the Month
The One Hundred – “Downfall” (Subculture)

Maybeshewill – “In Amber” (Fair Youth)
Citizen – “How Does It Feel?” (Youth)

Local Band of the Month
Hold My Desire – “Corruption” (Digital Download Single)

65daysofstatic – “Aren’t We All Running?” (The Fall of Math)


Another packed-out show. Plenty to mention here…

We were joined live via Skype by Harry & Callum from Hold My Desire – our Local Band of the Month. They’ve got big ambitions and years ahead of them. You can pick up their single, “Corruption”, from iTunes, and you can check out it’s accompanying lyric video below. Expect new music from the lads in the next few months, with plans for a single and EP in the works.

The Day Will Come were Your New Favourite Band. The Liverpool 5-piece comprise parts formerly of noughties acts, Seraph Impaled and Heresy of Thieves. Having recorded their 2013 debut EP – “Life Before Our Eyes” – with Tesseract guitarist Acle Kahney, the band are currently working up to a full-length in the not-too-distant future. They’re also looking for a 6th member to add clean vocals and electronics to their sound. If you’re interested send an email to – in the meantime check out the wicked lyric video to “True Friends Stab You In The Front” and download the current EP from BANDCAMP.

My Pick of the Month went right back to The One Hundred, and “Downfall”. I played it on the last show but it’s still rocking my stereo. You know the details – EP, “Subculture” is out September 1st through UNFD. What you might not have seen is their Iggy Azalea cover…

Maybeshewill were the owners of my other big track this week – new single “In Amber” is the first to come from their forthcoming fourth studio album, “Fair Youth” – due August 25th through Superball Music. They also announced they will be touring the UK this Autumn. Check out the video below.

Pulled Apart By Horses are gearing up for release too – their sophomore album, “Tough Love” established themselves as a force to be reckoned with, and now they’re looking to take things to the next level with their new full-length. “Blood” is out September 1st and is accompanied with their own “Blood” pale ale, which will be something to look out for next time you’re down the pub. They’re combining the beer launch party with their first ever acoustic show on August 29th at the Brudenell in Leeds. Check out their OFFICIAL WEBSITE for details of how to earn a pair of tickets. The video to “Lizard Baby” is giving me a creepy feeling in and around my pants.

Baby Godzilla must have all-sorts in their pants after filming the video for “The Great Hardcore Swindle”. They become the first band to have a single released through Enter Shikari’s Ambush Reality label. It’s taken them a while, but I believe we are going to see a full-length record from the Nottingham-based 4-piece very soon. Get your costume ready…

Visions put out a new track this week. It’s bizarrely named “Korma”, but it doesn’t sound like any curry I know! The guys had Mike Malyan (Monuments) on the drums for this one. It’s out for free download at their BANDCAMP page, so have at it. The band are promising a huge piece of news on August 11th, so keep your eyes on their social media for that. Here’s a cool studio play-through video for the track:

65daysofstatic have played a handful of shows this year performing their debut album, “The Fall of Math” in full, front-to-back. They’ve now announced plans to play another as a one-off at Manchester Cathedral on October 29th. The band will be following said-performance with a separate set of tracks from the subsequent albums. Tickets are on sale now. All this is in celebration of the album’s 10th anniversary, and Monotreme Records have re-pressed the album in funky-cool heavy-duty coloured VINYL, if you’re into all that!

I was proper gutted that Citizen couldn’t make it to Preston to record our planned acoustic session. They had van trouble after their penultimate show in Manchester, and it couldn’t be helped. Maybe we can have them on when they next come across the pond. Here’s the video for “How Does It Feel?”.

Did you see any of the footage from the Alt-Press Awards in the US last week? Maybe not, but you might have witnessed Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die stealing the show in this special moment…

That’s it for now. Until next time…


Show 52 – July 22nd 2014 – 19:00-20:00


Today, They Are Older – “No Guts, No Glory” (Free Download)

Long Song/Short Song
Kerbdog – “Sorry For The Record” (On The Turn)
Avenged Sevenfold – “Breaking their Hold” (Sounding The Seventh Trumpet)

Danny, Champion Of Nothing – “Stranded On Some Bleak Planet” (EP)

The One Hundred – “Downfall” (Subculture)
Fighting Bears – “Breaking Focus” (N/A)

Interview with Fighting Bears
Fighting Bears – “Words” (Live Acoustic Session)

Fighting Bears – “Gutsy Question, You’re A Shark” (Live Acoustic Session)

The Best Song Never Heard
Neural Sonic Combustion – “Chill Winston” (Pavidus)

La Dispute – “For Mayor in Splitsville” (Rooms of the House)


I enjoyed that! Pretty smooth show all things considered. Had a lot of fun.

I especially enjoyed our studio guests, Fighting Bears, who came down on Monday to record a 3-track session for us. They then came back on the train for the live show to chat lyrical nonsense, low-budget home recordings (27p), and a couple of the lads instigated a pants-down party in Studio 1 (sorry, no pictures!)! You can check out the band’s latest demo on their SOUNDCLOUD page, and you can download the third track they recorded for us – “Had I Been Drinking?” – for FREE from our SESSIONS page.


The Best Song Never Heard came from a northwest 4-piece by the name of Neural Sonic Combustion, who made waves across the UK metal scene in 2006 with the release of their EP, “Pavidus”. In 2007 they put down a session for the short-lived Channel 4 Radio, but not long after they sadly imploded. You can still pick up “Pavidus” if you look hard enough.

Neural Sonic Combustion

We played the new track from The One Hundred less than 24 hours after its radio premiere. “Downfall” is the final track of their eagerly-anticipated 6-track EP, “Subculture” – dropping digitally worldwide on September 1st through Australian label UNFD. The EP also features previous singles, “Breed” and “Kingsmen”. The other great news is they’re on tour in November/December, opening up the “Download Freezes Over” Hacktivist tour (also featuring Dead Harts), which includes a Preston date on November 19th at 53 Degrees! Check out all the dates below. If you’re in the UK and they’re not coming near you I’d be quite shocked!

Hacktivist UK Tour Nov/Dec 2014

Coming locally even sooner are The Blackout, who come to King George’s Hall in Blackburn on July 31st. Blackburn sons, Today, They Are Older have the honour of opening up said show, and tickets are still available. Get in touch with the band on FACEBOOK, and check out their wicked live show, which is coming back to Preston on September 7th, supporting Terraform at The Adelphi. Details for both shows below.

The Blackout at King George's Hall, Blackburn - 31st July 2014Terraform Gig Poster - Preston, September 2014

Danny, Champion Of Nothing played a storming set when they came down to The Alma in Bolton a couple of weeks ago. The Edinburgh 5-piece are playing heavy, progressive music you couldn’t dream of, and smashing lads they are too. Check out the 5-track EP at their BANDCAMP page, where you can get 26 minutes of pleasure for whatever you’re willing to pay. Here’s a picture of me repping a DCON badge through my cheek (proper freaked Greg (vocals) out!).

Dan repping Danny, Champion Of Nothing

We picked a couple of old-school nuggets for the Long Song/Short Song feature – firstly from Kerbdog, fresh from melting faces at Sonisphere, Cormac Battle and co. are back, in their original line-up, and gearing up to release live CD/DVD, “Congregation”, this October. You can get in on that action and grab some exclusive goodies by getting involved with their PLEDGEMUSIC CAMPAIGN. Here’s a teaser from the DVD.

It’s the first time Avenged Sevenfold get a play on the show, and mainly as their 2003 breakthrough, “Waking The Fallen”, is getting a re-release. No matter what you think of them now, this album inspired a shedload of bands that came through the mid-2000’s, and was certainly one of my favourite albums of the time. “Waking The Fallen: Resurrected” is released through Hopeless Records on August 26th and features a bonus CD with 11 demos and live tracks from the period, and a 3rd DVD disc, featuring previously unseen footage of those early days of A7X.

And finally, we ended with La Dispute, whose latest album ghosted past me like a ship in the night. Still, it’s a decent effort and well worth a listen. They’re at Reading and Leeds Festival this year in August. Here’s the video for “For Mayor in Splitsville”.

That’s all for now. Until next time…


Show 51 – July 8th 2014 – 19:00-20:00


The One Hundred – “Kingsmen” (Digital Download Single)

Polar – “Black Days” (Shadowed By Vultures)
The Karma Party – “World War” (Illumination)

Your New Favourite Band
Layers – “Mind On Fire” (Layers EP)

Schemata Theory – “Courage Is Contagious” (Words Not Heard, Read or Seen)

Pick of the Month
Flood of Red – “Whispers And Choirs” (Throw)

Servers – “Claustrophobia” (Leave With Us)
Helia – “No Future” (The Great Divide)

Local Band of the Month
Go Around Captain – “Prise Ballz” (Everything I Own Is Nicked)

Sikth – “Skies of Millenium Night” (‘The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Wait For Something Wild’)


A pre-recorded show for the first time in a long long time – sweating in the dungeons of Studio 2 at Preston FM is definitely not my favourite thing, but I did manage to squeeze a few brand-spanking new tracks and a few new singles into a tight hour of radio.

Your Local Band of the Month were the fantastic, Go Around Captain, and we spoke to frontman, Alan Gillhespy about all things stolen, borrowed and bought. Their debut EP, “Everything I Own Is Nicked” is out now, physically and digitally through their BANDCAMP page – you can stream all 4 tracks to your hearts content too. Their next scheduled Preston gig is October 6th at The Ferret with Aeroplane Flies High.

The awesome live act known as Layers were Your New Favourite Band this week. Fresh from support slots with Freeze the Atlantic, Jamie Lenman, RX Bandits and Sonic Boom Six, this midlands 4-piece look set for big things. Gritty hard rock mixed with pop-punk sensibilities, killer 3-part harmonies, and the odd backflip from the seemingly ever-energetic frontman, Lance Joseph – instantly make them one our bands to check out live in 2014. Their 2013 self-titled EP and a couple of other tracks can be picked up through iTunes and through their BANDCAMP page. Check out the video below for their 2012 single, “Corners”, which really shows off all they do in three-and-a-half minutes. Awesome.

Flood of Red finally released “Throw”, the long-awaited follow-up to their 2009 debut, “Leaving Everything Behind” (save 2012’s “They Must Be Building Something” EP), through Superball Music on June 30th. It’s certainly another change-up from the Scottish 6-piece, moving to more long-form ethereal numbers over a 9-track record which clocks in at nearly 45 minutes. Definitely worth a listen, especially for the marathon “Ye Die, Ye Die.”, and for our Pick of the Month, “Whispers And Choirs”, a song originally featured on the show in a live recording almost 3 years ago, and now the studio version is available as part of “Throw”. Meanwhile, lead single “Lashes” has a video, and you can check that out below.

Jake from The One Hundred kindly recorded a couple of stings for the show, and hot off their Sonisphere appearance last weekend, I was happy to give “Kingsmen” another spin on the show. You can pick up the track through the usual digital retailers, and expect a bigger release from the boys later this year.

Looking back at both bands on tonight’s playlist, I’d genuinely be quite excited if The One Hundred were to tour with The Karma Party, who released details of their delayed 2nd EP, “Illumination” this last week. The EP is to drop August 11th through Beautiful Life Records, and the new video for “World War” can be checked out below.

It was a first play on the show for Schemata Theory, a 6-piece dual-vocal alt-metal from Reading. Having released their debut LP, “Dry Lung Rhetoric” in 2012, the band put out their “Words Not Heard, Read or Seen” EP at the end of June, and you can get the lead single, “Courage Is Contagious” by signing up to their mailing list HERE. Here’s the video below too, in case you need convincing.

A band I’ve held back from playing recently were Polar, having overdosed on their latest album back in February/March, but their new single could just be the anthem of this summer. They’re on tour in mainland Europe this month, so check them out if they’re in your area. Here’s the video for the awesome, “Black Days”.

A change of pace with the second release from “Leave With Us” – the debut release from Barnsley’s Servers. They’re playing Guilfest and the intriguingly-named Beanfest this month. The “Claustrophobia” video should be hitting screens shortly, so I’ll leave a reminder of their talents from their previous single – one of my favourites this year.

A new video next for the lead single from “The Great Divide”, the new album from Helia – out July 15th through InVogue Records. These crazy Italians love a bit of filth, be it in English or their native tongue. Witness their broadcasting skills in “No Future”.

And finally, my belated acknowledgement that the mighty Sikth – godfathers of modern tech-metal – are not only to headline this weekend’s Tech-Fest at Newark Showground, but they’re on a full UK tour in October/November too! Get your tickets whilst you can!

And here’s hoping the new tour lives up to the hype! Here’s am some vintage footage back in the band’s heyday.

That’s all for now. Until next time…


Show 50 – June 24th 2014 – 19:00-20:00


Möngöl Hörde – “Make Way” (Möngöl Hörde)

Long Song/Short Song(s)
Palehorse – “Holy Trinity Church Student Bar” (Gee, That Ain’t Swell)
Oxygen Thief – “Pros and Cons” (Punktastic presents Un-Scene 4: 30 Seconds to Impact)
Oxygen Thief – “It’s Life Jim, But Not As We Know It” (The Half-Life of Facts)

Citizen – “The Summer” (Youth)

Every Time I Die – “Decayin’ With The Boys” (From Parts Unknown)
LSP – “The Summer Went” (Still)

Interview with LSP

LSP – “Ambulance” (Live Acoustic Session)

LSP – “Nori” (Live Acoustic Session)

The Best Song Never Heard
Meqqa – “Toys” (Map to Chrysalis)

Gallows – “Chains (Radio Edit)” (Chains – Single)


Our 50th show (excluding specials)! This show was very easy to put together, all the tracks falling into place nicely as new releases fell into my lap. Nice.

Three fifths of local emo outfit, LSP joined us live in the studio for a chat about bricks, Midwest USA and birds, and performed twice live on-air. Third track, the as-yet unreleased “Anicca” – is available for free download at the SESSIONS page. More music from the Accrington 5-piece is available for free at their BANDCAMP page.


We featured Meqqa in our Best Song Never Heard feature. The Chicago-based band announced an indefinite hiatus in July 2010 after over a decade together. Playing a seductive mix of alternative metal and melodic rock, the band recorded debut album, “Sors Salutis” with John Hiler (Smashing Pumpkins, Slayer) in 2003 (as “Mecha”). Following this with 2006 EP “Acquiescence” and 2008 EP – the self-produced “Map To Chrysalis” – Meqqa perfected their sound, unfortunately without breaking ground too far outside of Illinois. Their EPs are available digitally on iTunes and the album probably too if you look hard enough. Check out the video below for the long-time fan-favourite, “Aryanna”.

Möngöl Hörde have been on tour this month, and finish up in Glasgow on June 29th. Do yourself a favour and get to a date while you can. This might be the only tour they do this year. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this:

As a bonus, Frank Turner and his cronies have been supported on said-tour by the wonderfully heavy Palehorse , and the curiously loud Oxygen Thief, the latter having released new album, “The Half-Life of Facts” last week. Palehorse have been playing a set comprising their first 2 releases (2002’s debut album, “Gee, That Ain’t Swell” & 2008’s EP, “Habitual Linestepper”) with original co-vocalist, Seedi back guesting on several dates. Here are a couple of videos from both bands from their Birmingham gig:

Midwest America’s Citizen released debut album, “Youth” last summer, and come to the UK for the first time next month, on an 11-date headline tour. I’ve heard them recommended now from several sources, including the LSP guys, so expect bigger things from this relatively small-time bunch. Check out the video for “The Summer” below.

Every Time I Die put out the second part of their music video mini-movie. “Decayin’ With The Boys” follows “Thirst”, from the “From Parts Unknown” album out worldwide on July 1st. Will those poor wasted ETID fans make it to the show???

And finally, the mighty Gallows return, with “Chains”. A 2-track single drops on June 30th and follow this with their appearance at Sonisphere on the Sunday, and a smattering of live dates across July & August – details of which are below.

That’s all for now. Until next time…